Meet the Artist

Joy Keplar

For her entire life, Joy has never been accused of being boring.  Loud and boisterous, colorful and crazy, she has always had an appreciation for anyone or anything that isn’t afraid to be unapologetically authentic.  Her love for energy and color is reflected in her art and jewelry design.  Her use of found objects and altered vintage items in many of her pieces comes from a lifelong passion of collecting forgotten oddities and appreciating the value of things that others may have overlooked or thrown out.  Her laugh is easily recognizable, and her warmth and sincerity draws people in from all walks of life.  Joy has lived all over the country including California, New Mexico, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, and South Florida.   She moved to Kentucky from South Florida in 2019.  In 2020, she was named as a Kentucky Crafted Artist by the Kentucky Arts Council. She currently lives in Lancaster, KY on a mini farm shared with her family where they raise mini horses, mini Serama chickens, and lots of dogs and cats.